About meFormer Executive Recruiter and LinkedIn Job Search Expert

Greig Wells is a specialist in LinkedIn profile optimization for job seekers, helping them BeFound©, become the hunted, and be hired.


A graduate of Bentley College, a top five private business school in Boston, Greig has thirteen years of experience in IT staffing, executive search and recruitment training. He is an expert in the process of finding and hiring top talent worldwide. In 2009, Greig flipped to the "other side" teaching job seekers how to reverse-engineer the recruitment process so they can Befound© online in all the right places that companies and recruiters are searching in, such as LinkedIn, Google, and in social media pages.


In 2010, Greig secured sponsors that now enable him to do a live, hands-on training webinar for five hundred job seekers a week for free. Greig has over three hundred testimonials from people he has helped get back to work and trains over ten thousand job seekers annually through his webinars and coaching. (For details, webinar schedule and to register for the LinkedIn training webinar, visit http://www.BeFoundBeHired.com)


Greig also founded BeFoundJobs.com the first and only “done-for-you” service, which strategically lands jobseekers in all the right places online to get inbound job opportunities and to become the hunted. For example, recruiters searching for a director of marketing position in Tampa would find a profile Greig has optimized the online presence of before other potential candidates when they search on LinkedIn, Google, or Twitter under these keywords. His services and trainings also encompass career branding and copywriting, with a special focus on LinkedIn. According to Greig, “Strategic wording of a LinkedIn profile will make all the difference in compelling employers to connect with jobseekers and to get their phones ringing with tailored job opportunities.”


Greig was an early adopter to LinkedIn in 2005 long before “social media” existed as buzz words. This, along with his extensive years of hands-on experience in the recruiting trenches makes him a unique blend of “thinker and doer,” which can be seen and heard in his easy to understand, yet comprehensive LinkedIn trainings.


Unlike many social media marketing experts who teach, but don’t often do, Greig has built a very lucrative business helping people land jobs, predominantly through LinkedIn. He also advises entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants on how to recruit clients and systematically generate inbound leads by strategically integrating LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube with their internet marketing.


Today, Greig is often booked as an expert speaker and trainer, nationwide, and is a regular contributor to job search advice blogs on the following topics:

  1. How to BeFound, Become the Hunted, and Be Hired Fast
  2. The 3 Simple Steps to Getting Hired with LinkedIn
  3. Why You Must Avoid Seeming Like a Desperate Job Seeker
  4. Turning Your LinkedIn Connections into Real Offline Relationships
  5. How to Use LinkedIn in a Confidential Job Search


Greig offers access to a network rich with recruiters and hiring managers on his LinkedIn page at www.LinkedIn.com/in/GreigWells. He also offers the newest job search strategies and advice on his blog at http://blog.Befoundjobs.com. To learn about Greig’s “done-for-you” BeFound© Fast program, visit www.BeFoundJobs.com

TestimonialsTestimonials from Greig's Webinars & Coachings

After some great projects that i’ve asked the people i’ve worked with to leave a quote about the quality of my work:

George Mihalovich

Greig's webinar was the best of its kind that I have encountered. He presented a logical, thoughtful and proactive approach to utilizing and maximizing the potential of LinkedIn to build a viable professional network that will give me an edge in my job search. In addition, I learned many other new techniques and strategies that will help me to differentiate myself and make the most of my personal brand and online reputation. In summary, by helping me to understand how LinkedIn and other web-based strategies and tools are used in the latest recruiting practices, I feel that I will now be able to better position myself to succeed in this highly competitive job market. Thanks Greig!

Kyle Akerman

I found this webinar to be extremely helpful. The "How to Contact Anyone" tips will be the most valuable to me. Using the LinkedIn Group feature to be able to email anyone on the site is a brilliant networking technique. Thanks for all the insights!

Ann-Louise Truschel

I've attended three seminars on social networking, but this is the FIRST time I have ever really understood the use of keywords and HOW TO FIND THOSE KEYWORDS! Moreover, learning how I can actively target my job hunt rather than wait for someone to find my resume was a revelation. You started from the beginning and built a branding, marketing, job-hunting strategy that I can actually use. Many thanks!

Dominique Jeannot

My gratitude to you for this incredibly insightful and helpful webinar. I have had a LinkedIn account for quite some time now and had no idea how to use it in my job search. I found the techniques on building groups, developing my profile, etc., all new information to me. I think this information will help in job search, and enriching my life in general.

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